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Making Money With AdSense

We are constantly hearing about how easy it is to make money off the Internet. People are supposedly making hundreds and thousands of dollars without any major investments. I looked around on the Internet and asked a few friends, and the answer to the money-making spell was the same: Google Adsense.

Now, Google AdSense is a program that allows you to host ads on your website. These ads follow the pay per click plan. What this means is that each time a surfer comes to your website and clicks on one of these ads, you will be making some money. If your website is a hugely successful one which attracts a lot of traffic, you will be able to make an embarrassingly high sum of money. Even if this does not really happen, be aware that the potential does exist.

Whether or not this potential gets translated into revenues will partially depend on the kind of ads that you allow on your website. In general, Google AdSense has three types of ads on offer. These are:

1. Google AdSense for Content: Here you can decide whether you want text or image advertisements. If you are using Adsense, you can host up to three full ads (Ad Units) and one text link ad (Link Units).

2. Google AdSense for Search: If you go for this mode, you will be placing a Google search bar on your site, which will open up to a search results page where there will be ads.

3. Google Referrals: By using Google Referrals, you will be referring a variety of Google products for your site visitors to use. If it so happens that one of your visitors signs up for an AdSense account, and earns $100 from it, you will also be in for a $100 commission. If you are lucky, you might refer a smart cookie who will make money not just for himself but also for you.

The question now is, how do you ensure that these ads make you money? One starting point would be to ensure that the advertisements blend into the background. Studies have shown that people tend to not click on ads that stick out like sore thumbs from a given background. If you have plenty of traffic, the chances are that some of the visitors to your site will click on the ads and make you some money. But if you don't have sufficient traffic on your site as yet, you are going to have to work on building it.

In order to direct more traffic to your site, you have to ensure that your site is a good one that will provide value to the visitors. You could make sure that your signature on all your emails includes a link to your website. You could send out mails to people in your address book informing them about your website and encouraging them to drop by.

The bottom line is that if you want to make money via Google Adsense, you are going to have to get a lot of traffic to your site.

Source by Walter Scheu